FAQ for Sheesha Lounge

What are the prices at Sheesha Lounge?

Prices before 6pm are $15 a hookah for a single flavor. After 6pm $25.

What is Sheesha Lounge like? What is a hookah lounge like?

Sheesha Lounge is like an Oasis located in Allston where you can relax and just “be”. Have a tea, a coffee, or a cold beverage paired with the smoothest Hookah smoke in the city. Bring a friend or make new ones, Hookah is better with friends – welcome.

What are the age requirements to be at a hookah lounge?

We are a 21+ establishment.

Do you take credit cards or debit cards?

Yes we take credit cards and debit cards

Is Sheesha Lounge BYOB?

No we are not BYOB

Can I buy hookah or shisha at Sheesha Lounge?

Yes we have a retail section at our lounge.

Is there a dress code?

No, as long as you are wearing clothes you are allowed in.

What flavors do you offer?

Our variety of flavors can be found here.

Where are you located?

417 Cambridge St. Allston, MA 02134

Do you take reservations?

No, we do not take reservations

General Hookah FAQ

What is shisha?

Hookah, also known as shisha, is a water pipe with a bowl that has long hoses or hose attached to it that allows you to smoke tobacco and molasses mixture. An Egyptian hookah is also known as shisha which can be confusing since in the US shisha is also referred to as the tobacco/molasses mix.

Where did hookah come from?

Hookah smoking originated from Persia and India. The use of hookah is very common and widespread that most cafes in the Middle East carry shisha for their customers. Now hookah has become popular in North and South America creating a social gathering space for everyone.

How do you choose the right flavor for shisha?

For those that are new to hookah, choosing a flavor is very fun. Try all types of flavor to see which one best suites your taste because it will differ for everyone. If you still aren’t sure what flavor to choose, ask our associate to pick one for you. Popular flavors include mint, double apple, and strawberry.

How often should I clean my hookah?

Washing your hookah after every use will get the cleanest results. By washing regularly will help prevent bad odors and molasses or gunk buildup that can ruin your smoking session.

What is Hookah Charcoal for?

Hookah charcoal’s heat vapors are used to burn the wet shisha that is wrapped in a tin screen with tiny holes, which is located on top of the clay hookah bowl. Make sure to have your coal fully lit before placing it on top of the hookah.