Natural Coals VS Quick Lighting Coals

There are typically two types of coals out there: Natural Coals & Quick Lighting Coals; here at Sheesha Lounge we use natural coals. In this blog we will be discussing the benefits of using natural coals verses using quick lighting coals.

The coals we use at our hookah bar are 100% natural. These coals burn loner and hotter than quick lighting coals; it may take a little more time to get them started, but the taste and the smoke they produce is unmatchable. When you light these coals, they are virtually odorless; it takes about 5-10 minutes to cook these coals on an electric stove, however, these coals will burn from an hour to an hour and a half!

Quick lighting coals are not natural at all. They may only take 30 seconds or so to light, but while you’re lighting them, they let out a gunpowder like odor; this odor does go away eventually, however, while you’re lighting it you’re breathing in all that smelly smoke! Unlike its natural counterpart, quick lighting coals only last between 30-50 minutes depending on how many people are smoking it; that is half of the length of the time a natural coal burns for!

Here at Sheesha Lounge, we only use natural coals, NO CHEMICALS!!! They also last a lot longer than the quick lighting coals, allowing you to enjoy your hookah session a lot longer!

Our hookah bar is located in Boston MA, we are open seven days a week until 2am! For more information, or if you have any questions regarding hookahs, please give Sheesha Lounge a call at 617-782-7433.