Soccer & Hookah Bar is a Great Combination

Today, come watch some world class soccer at our hookah bar in Allston MA; today at four, Japan is taking on Colombia, and Greece is taking on Ivory Coast. Both games are on at four, and we will play the match based on popular demand!

At our hookah lounge, you can enjoy some great hookah smoke, and try one of our many sheesha flavors; you can even combine two flavors if you want! We also have fruit bowls that will enhance the flavor.

Our staff is friendly and well trained in the art of hookah smoking; yes hookah smoking is an art, and it takes a keen eye and a steady hand to pack a good one! We are well attentive and will change coals, repack bowls right away.

Our hookah bar is located at 417 Cambridge Street, Allston MA; we open our doors at 2 and won’t close them until 2am!

For more information about our hookah lounge, please give us a call at 617-782-7433. Or join our mailing list, where you can receive coupons and promotional deals!