How to Pack a Hookah

Packing a hookah the right way will help you enjoy your smoke session a whole lot more! Here at  Sheesha Lounge, all of our employees are fully trained in packing hookahs, so that you can enjoy your smoke session longer.

If you’ve been to our hookah bar, you’ll probably wondering how we get the smoke to be so milky. Well, if you’re at home and you want to enjoy hookah, here’s how to pack the hookah properly:

  1. Fill up the vase with water; you don’t want to put too much water in, but also don’t be stingy with the water. A good test is to put a certain amount of water into the vase, put the stem back in and take a pull from the hose, and if you hear a bubbling noise, and water is coming up through the hose, you’ve put enough water in!
  2. The next step is to take the sheesha, and spread it around throughout the bowl. You don’t want to pack it too tight, otherwise you want get that milky smoke. Once again, when you’re done packing it, take a pull, and if it’s too hard to pull, you need to take some sheesha out.
  3. After you’ve packed the hookah, take a piece of tin foil, a piece that is big enough to cover the bowl, and cover the bowl, make sure it’s tight.
  4. As soon as the tin foil is tightly wrapped around the bowl, take a toothpick or a sharp object, and poke small holes in the tin foil. You want to make sure the holes are poked throughout the foil; don’t poke too many though, and make sure the holes are small!
  5. After the holes are poked, you can start lighting the coal. Do not hold the coal in your hand to light it! It gets very hot! Use a set of tweezers, and a lighter to light the coal. You can also put it over a stove, but please use caution! As soon as the bottom part of the coal is read, the coal is fully lit.
  6. Once the coal is fully lit, place the coal on top of the tin foil, start at the edge, and work your way around the bowl in a circular motion.

Here at Sheesha Lounge, we have all of the hookah supplies you need to enjoy hookah smoking at home. We have all types of flavored sheesa, hookahs, tweezers and more!

For more information about our hookah supplies, and hookahs for sale, please give us a call at 617-782-7433.